Love freshly-squeezed juice? Our Oranges are specially grown for their high juice content. You can enjoy it whenever you are. We have mostly juice oranges (over 300 Hamlins Orange Trees), but we also have some grapefruits, and other citrus varieties. In our farm you can enjoy the pleasure of coming with your family and/or friends, and picking your own fresh citrus. Every time you are buying straight from a producer, you save money in fuel, you know what you are eating, it's more healthy, and you are supporting your small farmer.

Take advantage of our U-Pick program, pick yourself the oranges, and make your own juice. If you are far away from us, we can send the oranges to you or your friends.

For over three (5) years our trees have been free of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Naturally fertilizes and pest control, our trees have received the perfect amount of rainfall and water, and bear the sweetest fruit. They produce plenty of wonderfully sweet, fresh, and healthy juice. Only the very best of our orange are chosen for your gift packages, and we ship your fruit as soon as it's off the tree. That means your friends and family will receive by mail oranges that were still ripening in our trees just before we send to you. You will smell and taste the freshener of our oranges.

We are sure that you can't get really fresh Florida orange juice like this anywhere else. We welcome you to browse through our website or come by. If you have any questions about our produces, or just want to talk to us in person, please call 386-698-2347, or drop us an email:

The Hamlin oranges are harvest from December to January, trees of this early cultivar have a high degree of cold tolerance especially with early harvest before winter freezes. Fruit yield is high and juice has a light color. Seeds: 0-6 per fruit.

We are sure you like the taste of our fresh fertile eggs from free-range (cage free) hens, free of antibiotics and hormones. We would supply you with all the eggs you need directly from the hen.

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