Here we have some information about the different livestock that we raise in our farm. We have also included some links to pages with pictures for you to see.

In-depth Information:

Chickens  We have different breeds of chickens including: Pearl White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Plymout Barred Rocks, Cornish Cross, White Rocks, Light Brahmas, etc. Normally we have chicks available for sale from these breeds, and other breeds that we will soon have in our farm.
Ducks  Most of our ducks are Pekins, Muscovies, Mallards, Runners, and Swedish. Our ducklings will be available for sale as soon as they hatch.
Geese  We have twenty or more geese of differents breed, and are still increasing the number. We have some White and Brown Chinese, African, Embeden, and crosses of the above breeeds.
Sheep  Our sheep are mostly meat breeds. Our rams are Romanovs and our ewes breed are: Romanov, Florida Native, Blackbelly, Finnsheep, Dorper, etc.
Goats  Most of our goats are full blood registered. Our does are Boer, Kiko, Nubian, LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Saanen, Alpine, Pygmy goats, and San Clemente. The rest of the goats are crosses of this breeds. Our new buck is a full blood registered Saanen.
Swine  All of our pigs are meat breed as Hampshire/Duroc/Yorkshire and the hog is a huge Bluebutt. Some of our piglets are show quality that will be fantastics for FFA, and 4-H.
Livestock Guarding Dogs  To protect our livestock and property, we use Great Pyrenees, Maremma and Akbash, from time to time we have some Great Pyrenees puppies for sale. All our dogs are from working parents and are exposed to our livestock. Your goat/poultry/sheep breeding program is only as good as the LGDS that guard them!. If you have problem with 2 or 4-legged predators, I would like to recommend you to contact us in advance to reserve your puppy. Click here to see pictures of our dogs:
Rabbits  Our rabbits are New Zealand White, New Zealand Red, Silver Fox, Rex, Californian, and Checkered Giants. We usually sell our rabbits when they are 30 days old, but we also sell grown ones for slaughter or breeding stock.

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