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Here you will find more information about the different breeds of sheep and goats that we have.

Here you can see our sheep grazing in our farm. This is one of the most wonderful things that can be seen at Crescent Farm. From time to time, our sheep will graze in our citrus grove, at that time if you visit us, you will have the opportunity to feed our sheep and walk along with them.

This is a picture of one of our Blackbelly cross ewes. In her first lambing, and she had two beautiful ewe lambs that are crossed with Katahdin. The other two Blackbellies that we have also had twins, one had two ram lambs, and the other had one ram lamb and a ewe lamb.

Boer goats are the main meat breed, but for us they are too weak to our weather and they need dewormer all time so we decided to work with crosses. Our buck at this time is a registered fullblood Saanem, we call him Camello.

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