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Here you will find more information about the different types and breeds of poultry that we have at Crescent Farm. Whenever we have something available for sale, you will find it in our For Sale page.

This are Pearl-White Leghorn chicks hatching. They are moved from the incubator to the hatcher three days before they hatch. Here they stay until there feathers are dry, then they are moved to a brooder to get their first drink of water.

We raise our poultry free-range. To protect our livestock from predators, such as: Bobcats, Raccoons, Foxes, Opossums, neighbor’s dogs, etc. was not easy, no matter that our property has a 5' fence. We had not been able to completely stop predator attacks our loss was so huge, over 200 chickens, ten ducks, 1 goose and our first black lamb the same day that she was born. When we bring our first Livestock Guardian Dog, we resolved the problem with 2 and 4-legged predators. .

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